Look More on Brain Development Timeline

In every human, there is this brain development timeline. The development of the brain cells in every human is already grouped into several stages. The researchers have long since taken interest in the development of the human brain. Just like we pass through various stages of life from baby, kids, teenage, and finally to adulthood, our brain also develops along with our life. Let us look deeper on various stages of human brain development now for clearer understanding of our own self. It is often that we do not even understand what is going on in our body. This study on the brain development timeline for humans will give us a better insight on what is exactly going on in our body. 

The Stages in Brain Development

The first information is of course the stages in the brain development process. From the start with a small brain as if we are still a baby, our brain keeps developing up to this big and will reach a certain level where the development process is already done and it is continued with the process of decay. This might sound bad and scary, but this is the fact and the scientists currently are still looking for a way to decrease the decaying speed and increase the development speed. In brain development timeline, most of the growth of the brain shows during childhood. 

If you have ever heard that the brain develops the most during our childhood, it is true. When we are still less than one year old, our baby brain is busy taking in all the information we will need to survive in life. The main learning studies during our infant days are information on movement and expression. We learn to control our emotions. This is the stage of learning by seeing and doing. Babies love to mimic things they see around them including people and other things they can see. This is also an important period where the baby will learn words, how to produce them, and what each word means. This is a crucial moment in the brain development timeline. This is a period of learning. That is why, if you are going to plant any strong principle in your kid’s mind, it should be during this period. 

The Adulthood and Decay

The learning period does not last long in the brain development timeline. After stepping out to teenage hood, humans usually start entering the rebellious stage. This is a period where any rules would be too small for the imagination and emotion of a teenager. Some could contain their rebellious feeling while others could not. After that, adulthood is where brain development is not as fast as during our childhood. Once we turn 50, the development has completely stopped and the decaying process has started.

This is the cause why elderly people usually start having difficulties in walking and moving in particular. Some also experience forgetfulness in simple things. Memories from the past also start fading away. This is the sign of brain decay. Up to this day, there is still no technology able to stop the decay completely. However, there are several efforts you can make to speed down the decay. Living a healthy life and taking care of your body is believed to speed down the decaying process in brain development timeline.

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