The First Ages of Brain Development Timeline

Do you know about the brain development timeline? Yes. It is one method to monitor brain development. Typically, it is applied to infants or children. But in some cases, it can also be done in adults, but you only need to know about brain development age. 

However, it is very useful in monitoring the development of children. Also, you can make it as a reference in the development of brain training, when they get older. Well, there are important things to understand in relation to brain development. At the age of 3 to 9 years, the brain uses a lot of energy. In fact, it could be said that it is the greatest period throughout life. So, it is reasonable when we often hear about how parents should educate children under five.

The First Stages

Well, first let us understand the stages of the brain development timeline. At the age of 3 years, this is a special moment when a child begins to learn a lot of things around. In the brain, there are billions of active neurons cells that send and receive information. At this age, a child will be very active in asking and responding to circumstances. This is very reasonable because the conditions in the developing brain at different stages are impressive. Meanwhile, there is an increased activity in the use of language. Therefore, it is advisable to encourage children to play and learn in a communicative way. In fact, there are several ways to introduce foreign languages ​​at that age.

Keep the Balance

Note the fact that the developing brain can be very impressive, so it is very important to monitor brain development timeline. How would parents do that? Well, it can be applied through the concept of counting age by a certain category. At the age of 5 years, we ought to be able to know the development of a child. Perhaps, they are having a particular interest. There are several examples like the kids who love music, and they are always keen to play it. Meanwhile, there is also a tendency to like physical things like sports. What to do is to monitor them. 

Meanwhile, you also need to balance with other important things.

Well, what to do? First of all, look for them in a simple interest. Once you find it, you just need to guide them. You can introduce the interesting things that they can enjoy for fun. Music is an interesting example that you can introduce to them. Of course, you do not need to force some things because it will greatly affect their adulthood process. On the brain development timeline, you will see interesting developments that may be referenced in educating your child.

The last thing is to balance your health. However, you cannot ignore the importance of food as factors that support the development of your child. It will be particularly important given the age of the child who is still in need of nutritional intake. Some of the important things are protein and omega. Also, do not forget about the values ​​that you can teach your children. Furthermore, you can observe the amazing results of the brain development timeline.

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